Movie Theater Fan

Nothing like a few days of sunlight, water, and 9 hours of sleep to heal your soul. I feel brand new again. Scheduled some stuff, made some phone calls, gettin’ things done. Up n down and around we go! Life!

I went to see a movie by myself yesterday. I’ll do this every now and then. I saw a cheesy flick called “Late Night” at 6:30pm at the AMC Burbank Town Center 6. It’s one of those secret value theaters with the recliners. Cost me 6 bucks cuz it was Tuesday. I went to get some sour patch kids and soda and one of the workers back there made a scene.

“Oh hey you’re a Youtuber!”

“Oh ya that’s me haha” I hadn’t showered and it caught me off guard.

“Bro! I used to watch your stuff religiously!” He turned to his coworker. “Do you know who this is!?”

I was starting to get embarrassed. I was there alone and was now about to need to explain myself to his friend, which always kind of sucks.

His co-worker eyed me. “You’re… famous or something?”

“Ya I’m- I have a channel on Youtube.” People in line zombied on their phones and pretended not to listen.

“Hmm.. cool.”

I didn’t know what else to say, I just needed my junk food and to be gone. After an awkward minute of them finally getting my order and me whipping out my card and entering the chip into the fucking thing I said, “thanks man” fake smiling as best I could and then walked away.

“Ya man..” He replied.

I kind of deflated his excitement. When I’m drunk or on a date it’s a lot better and I’m mentally prepared. But on this day I was shitty.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA

4 thoughts on “Movie Theater Fan

  1. We all have such days… I feel as if you went there so that you could be far away from reality for just a few hours, and that encounter kind of forced you back to earth. Thanks for writing, Andrew.


  2. You should do some movie reviews on the channel, nothing crazy just your thoughts on bigger block busters or small underrated movies. I think your views are very interesting. Hmmmmmm


  3. The cameras off. You don’t owe anybody any tricks, guy. Youwbete popular for being awkward—fuck did he expect? Lol.


  4. Glad to hear you’re back from the sunken place. Up n down indeed! imho you write really well in this style, it felt comfortable.

    “Do a trick for us, prank-man!”
    “Just give me the damn candy, movie-theater-kid.”


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