I had the best nap this morning. It was a one of those intensely euphoric 2-hour naps you can’t fight. Something triggered it, something I consumed. A combination of a brain supplements and Vyvanse, which was suppose to do the opposite but then backfired. No complaints. I woke up feeling great. It was 4:30am, perfect timing to start the day and get back on track. I took Bonnie on our routine, twice-daily walk. She’s incredibly easy to take care of now that she’s a trained adult. She always goes like clockwork on the grass outside the building. I bring her in one of three different coffee shops I always go within walking distance of my place and get my usual medium vanilla latte with almond milk. Everyone always adores her. “Ya she’s not shy at all” I say as she jumps all over them.

I got my blood work done with my new doctor/new insurance last week. All good except for my cholesterol. It’s just a little over normal range. I’ll have to take it easy on the burgers and ice-cream. I charged my phone and then did some tedious errands: Setting up my electricity, paying my phone bill, internet bill, putting things on autopay, canceling random channel subscriptions on amazon prime video, resetting passwords I forgot by having them send an e-mail, checking e-mails, sending e-mails.

As I go through these motions and fill up my day, I think about what I keep putting off. It’s there and I think about it, but I don’t do it. Not yet. I’m so comfortable that it doesn’t quite grab me. I’ll start to wonder why and fall back into doing something normal again, like doing the dishes. “I’ll do it but I need to clean my apartment first.” I keep putting it off and that doesn’t bother me. Once I’m done cleaning my dishes I’ll watch a movie and then go to bed. It’s wonderful.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA



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