eggs and bacon and sausage and pancakes and syrup and hash browns and coffee and almond milk and spinach and blueberries and pizza and bagels and burgers and donuts and croissants and yogurt and bananas and pineapple and steak and chicken and quail and salad and cashews and peanuts and carrots and kale and mangos and granola and green tea and toast and mac and cheese and cereal and koolaid and iced tea and ice-cream and oatmeal and honey and hemp milk and butter and fries and chocolate and cherries and hot dogs and whole wheat and organic and oreos and celery and dressing and beer and wine and cocaine and heroin and narcotics and weed and supplements and drugs and protein powder and vitamins and minerals and nutrients and calories and energy and fat and cholesterol and skin care and magnetism and confidence and health and lifestyle and status and money and instagram and women and sex and fun and pleasure and happiness and love and loss and sadness and confusion and drama and sleeping and crying and watching and reading and waiting and talking and hanging and thinking and pondering and praying and writing and creating and expressing and smiling and dancing and walking and running and exercising and staring and listening and dreaming and art and skating and bitching and gnashing and whining and posting and uploading and vlogging and filming and editing and gaining and winning and advancing and evolving and learning and growing.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales

7:51 pm

Los Angeles, CA

10 thoughts on “and

  1. Yo… Do you have any experience with falling for someone too easily? Like, thinking you’re in love after a first date, and not being able to think about anyone else? Even though it’s probably not really love. Maybe it’s just desperation.

    Please share your wisdom. I could use it right about now.

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  2. Hey Andrew! I honestly believe I have the same mindset and you and I’ve always been just as awkward but still outgoing. I think it would be a great idea too do a video where you interview someone just like you that you think has the same mindset.


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