The longer you go without working out, the less tone you get, the more weight you gain, the less likely you’ll start working out again.

The longer you go without posting a video, the more anxious you get about posting one, the less likely you’ll start posting again. Same paradox.

Then suddenly, out of chance, you get home one day in all your automation, and you happen to eat more than one or two cookies, not realizing it would put you in a deep 6-hour sugar crash.

You wake up on the couch. The TV’s on. It’s 5am. You turn the TV off and you sit there. You feel a little groggy, but something’s different. You care. Cereal? No. Today let’s try eggs and veggies. No bread, No sugar. Let’s write down some goals. Let’s do some kettle bell swings. Take a shower. Clean up the apartment.  Why now? Who knows. We tried answering that in that Free Will video. It’s just the motion of the universe I guess. Over-analyzing it won’t get you anywhere either. That kind of thinking will put you back down the rabbit hole. Today, you care.

Maybe I’ll stick to it this time. Boiled eggs, black beans, peas & carrots, green tea. 60 kettle bell swings. Jump rope until I’m sweating. Hop in the shower. Sit down on a chair and wait. Wait until it comes. Then write. Edit. Pray.

Tuesday’s will be cheat day. A lot of things are cheaper on Tuesdays, the movies, B-Dubs, etc. Tuesday’s will be filled with Soda, Beer, Mcdonald’s, and all the other poisonous things you can think of. Complete freedom and debauchery.

Then back to structure. Discipline. Self-control. Self-awareness.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA



10 thoughts on “5am

  1. Funny how that works. I have health problems so most days I don’t do much of anything…but once in a blue moon I will have a day like this where I seem to get my life in order in merely a few hours. I always think that gusto might transfer over to tomorrow but it rarely does. Right back to latency; it is perplexing.


  2. Alrighty I guess I should make a twitter account then lol ummm my username is gonna be S.O.H.E.L.K or something similar, thanks again for responding.


  3. Hey andrew can I give you a few video ideas and or sketch ideas? They all revolve around your awkward nature and I feel like it’d be a great fit. I’m an aspiring….writer? I don’t even know I write screenplays/stories and poetry and what not and your videos inspired a lot of ideas. I’d love to share them with you.


  4. I wake up, all veggies no eggs
    I hit the gym, all chest no legs

    No but seriously, there are so many people who’d kill to be in your position. You have an audience to react to what you make. And at this point, people don’t even really expect a certain type of video from you. Fuck, dude. That’s all I want. Enjoyyyyy ittttt


  5. I just recently made this same change, except Saturday is my cheat day. It’s amazing how good you feel just a few days in..


  6. Fan of your videos, huge fan of your blog posts. This one is very relatable for me. I’m curious to how your infatuation situation turned out, I bet a lot of people in the same type of position would be interested in seeing a follow up to that.


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