well it’s been a week or so now without internet and I feel pretty good about it. This could be a new frontier. To add even more focus and less distractions I put my phone in this timed safe for 10-15 hours at a time. It’s called a Ksafe if you look it up on amazon. So far I love it. There’s no override. The only way to get to my phone is if I took a sledge hammer to this plastic clear cube it’s in. So that’s one more easy way to shape your environment and thus shape your habits, not relying on this flimsy, mythical thing we call Willpower. There’s literally nothing to do except read or write. Or go outside. It’s awesome. 

So here I am writing again out of sheer boredom. I did buy another 6-pack of IPA, I’ve found beer specifically helps me write. I think that’s fine if you’re actually getting something done. Just writing out these words counts as doing something in my book. And since I got this buzz on, I’m having a fun time while I do it. Two birds. 

The thing about alcohol, like a lot of drugs, is that is takes us to this place of unlimited possibilities. Your neurons are just firing on all 8 cylinders and anything and everything sounds like a good idea. It’s wonderful but completely irrational and you don’t realize that until the next day. For a brief moment though, your consciousness was in this crazy paradigm that allowed just about anything and you felt free. I have yet to have a hangover that makes all that Not worth it to me. It’s completely insane how much an impact simple outside substances can make on our reality. Or I should say, “reality”. 

Writing has more to with feeling and how you feel then what’s actually being written. How you write- not what you write. How you talk to the girl- not what you say. Seduce the reader. Seduce the girl. Have fun and enjoy the banter. Have fun and enjoy the writing. It is time to enjoy writing again by feeling good and having fun with it. The possibilities with Words and sentences are endless and they can inspire and help and heal and entertain. They can inform and educate and relate to people. They can express our inner most thoughts and feelings thus releasing various demons and neuroses in a beautifully cathartic 2 birds in one experience. It is time to enjoy reading again and stimulating our imaginations inside our head. Let’s read. Let’s write. 

thanks for reading,

Andrew Hales

5:22 am

Los Angeles, CA

4 thoughts on “Again

  1. “How you write- not what you write”
    genius! made my day. i think you really captured that here. i wish all emotion in literature was understood as effortlessly as in this entry.
    thank you:)


  2. “How you write- not what you write”
    genius! made my day. literature is definitely meant to be read effortlessly. moreover, this entry flows really well. As a non-native speaker I didn’t have to stop and think about the words, and so the meaning came naturally and joyfully.
    thank you for this treat 🙂


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