I’ve been in a good place lately. It sounds weird but I have to say it’s just not that ‘exciting’. It’s boring. I don’t have much to write about. I haven’t had any reason to write in a while. I’m in this weird, blurry, content state of indifference. Stable. A down-to-earth, “dumb” state of ‘happiness’. I don’t really have anything to complain about. Passion? I’m not passionate anymore. What’s fucked up is that I don’t care that I don’t care that I’m not passionate anymore. Maybe I was never passionate in the first place. Maybe all these years my pretentiousness & ego got the best of me and blinded me from what I really am: a Businessman. Sometimes my pompous, irrational ego gets the best of me and I think of myself as this suffering artist with all this passion. He’s so passionate about what he does! You’re so passionate! I dunno, at this point, for some reason, I just. don’t. fucking. care. and I’m fine with that.

I’m gonna keep vlogging my wonderful, “depressing” life. We’re gonna keep doing the “boring” interviews. I’m gonna stay on my medication and stay consistent. I’ll get married around 32-36. Have a couple kids. Die around 70-80 years old. and That’s it. I don’t wanna be a star. I just wanna be normal. Fuck perfection. Fuck “greatness”. I’m over it.

Also, I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and have a completely new, opposite paradigm.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA



5 thoughts on “Beer

  1. I want you to do more boring chatting with’s. I liked the concept of chatting with ‘normal’ people. Like ‘Chatting with a firefighter’. Just test it out 🙂


  2. Not that my opinion holds weight, but I just found your interviews on youtube and I think your “boring” style is… refreshing? Also your natural entire disposition will forever be a source of interest and intrigue to viewers. I think. yeah. I don’t really know anything. but your plan sounds good. stick with that. or not. everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face right


  3. “Fuck perfection” yet a lot of people think your perfect, ” fuck greatness ” yet a lot of people think your great. Jesus man its like what ever you dont give a fuck about people associate it with you. ” Fuck having a big dick ” am i right andrew? Hahahaha Anyway not that you care but a while back i told you i managed to get a trip to china and some how i feel like i gained tge confidence to earn it throufh watching some of your old vlogs and what not. The trips going good and i just wanted to say thanks again!


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