Hey Guys

What’s up? Andrew here.

Nothings really new with me. I’ve been practicing piano a lot more. Learning white stripes songs. Well, a song. My Doorbell. I’ve been trying to vlog and it always feels very unnatural and forced. Everyone’s trying to vlog now a days because it’s shown to be a lot more profitable. We (Luke and I) bought one of those fat G7x’s or a cousin of it last year around this time when we first came to LA and tried to carry it around but gave up after a week or two and luckily was able to return it to Best Buy. This post is more about just writing ANYthing down just to get in the flow and habit of writing again. I can already feel myself feeling better exerting my thoughts down on something outside my head. The main thing that made me stop blogging was the fact that it wasn’t profitable, so I figured what’s the point, I might as well be vlogging instead. But there are differences that I finally realized and made me want to start writing again.

Here’s a few benefits to blogging aka writing that are not available to vlogging:

  • More comfortable for introverts (me), hence more passion/quality.
  • Allows one time to gather thoughts, hence a richer vocabulary to express oneself in the clearest way.
  • Less people read than watch so it feels more intimate & exclusive.
  • You don’t need audio or headphones to read a blog post.
  • Less intrusive in my own, real life and the lives of my friends/family.

I dunno. I just like writing better. I think too much too.

Let’s see what else. Some projects I plan to execute over 2016 that have nothing to do with fucking with people:

  • Do I Have ADD? | Documentary
  • Do I Have Social Anxiety? | Documentary
  • 10 Getting With interview series
  • 2 rap songs

Haha. That’s about it.

Thanks For Reading, Thanks for Following,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA

19 thoughts on “Hey Guys

  1. eh, you arent entirely an introvert man. everyone lies somewhere between the two extremes and people are rarely 100% of one and 0% of the other, in fact almost everyone lies somewhere between the 20/80 – 80/20 range. anyways, love your vids man and reading your blog was cool too. i saw you at my campus one time (ucla) and you were filming the “giving strangers free candy” prank. I noticed because I was walking down bruin walk in front of ackerman when I saw some random sketchy looking dude in sweatpants and a ragged flannel (turned out to be Danny Duncan as I later discovered). I wanted to come and talk to you guys but I didnt wanna be ‘that guy’. I was gonna recommend that you should try that prank dressed up in a suit or something and then compare the results with the rugged flannel look (i.e. if people took candy more often from one versus the other and if the reactions were significantly different). Going down that kind of route with your videos where you film actual social experiments would be really cool, especially if you included your hypothesis and included a brief synopsis of the sample size/statistical data in the description (like, very brief), and even though these wouldnt be true, actual experiments (because there is no random assignment to the independent variable, i.e. if you’re at asu and you do a social experiment there you cannot necessarily generalize your results to a distinct or specific population, but the results are still always interesting and funny to watch!). anyways, i think this would be a good way to continue to get meaning out of your videos and provide a good service to the public. you’re one of my favorite youtubers because there’s nobody else with your personality. i’m a computer science based psychology major at ucla and if you are considering this idea but want help with it i’d be glad to assist!


  2. I actually never owned it,
    Some dude bought it and made the
    Blog for me way back hoping some day
    I would buy it from him. I told
    Him to Delete it and then now he just
    Redirects it to his Amazon affiliate link.


  3. I love the white stripes. Loved their passion and the way they did things. Loved the whole “brother and sister”, peppermint candy, red white and black presentation. I don’t know how much you’re into them but Under Great White Northern Lights is a great film that gives you some behind the scenes as well as documents one of their last tours. I feel like the more you get into them, the more you can appreciate what they did


  4. I love the white stripes. Loved their passion and way of doing things. Loved the whole “brother and sister”, candy cane, red white and black presentation. I don’t know how much you’re into them but Under Great White Northern Lights is a great film that gives you some behind the scenes and great show footage as they went on one of their last tours


  5. My man!! I’m also an introvert yet my friends sometimes tell me to make a YouTube because I’m “so funny”. But that’s a little too scary right now since I just started college and stuff. Just like you, I think a lot and I get really stressed out because I don’t tell anyone what I’m thinking. So to make everything feel a little better, I started a journal online! It helped a lot but now I’m just getting overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start anymore. Hopefully we’ll both figure ourselves out through blogging! 🙂


  6. Yes! Super stoked man. I should start writing and journaling again too. Keep on rockin in the free world brother!


  7. I never thought you are such a man. I understand you, the way you talk and act in your blogs/video i could say you’re definitely an introvert. I could say you’re also a reserve person. Hence, i am looking forward for your upcoming blogs.


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