Elon Musk

There’s this thing, somewhat of a pebble in my shoe, a thorn in my brain, that’s always pestering me, always telling me to write. As cheesy as that sounds, here I am. I’m so happy for the 20-30 of you that read this blog. That’s flattering.

I’ve been good. This year hasn’t been too difficult. There’s definitely been some emotionally hard times, but emotions don’t really matter. Have you ever thought that? Like feeling angry or sad or depressed or motivated or happy AS FUCK! They’re just emotions. Flaky and whimsical and temporary. Did they accomplish anything? Are they gonna effect anyone else’s life? Not in the long term. Well, actually, sometimes they do. Sometimes people make very poor, long-term decisions out of impulse, so, ya definitely remember to motherfucking sleep on it. There’s this bad habit I have of living primarily in the moment. You’ve heard this. The kids that can wait fucking 15 minutes or something for TWO marshmallows instead of ONE right then end up being more successful in life. Long term vs. Short Term gratification. You get it. I get it. Everyone GETS it. Some of us are still going to eat ice cream though. We just. don’t. care. This all makes me go back to how much Free Will we actually have. I heard somewhere that Elon Musk truly believes we’re in a simulation. I wouldn’t be surprised. Of course, if that was the case then it wouldn’t even matter knowing that in the first place. Knowing whether or not this is all a simulation does not matter, nothing would change. The same way knowing if there’s a God watching over everyone. Meh, I dunno. I just know I SHOULD add to this blog more, but I can’t make any promises. Not at this point.

Thanks for Reading,

Andrew Hales

5:53 am

Los Angeles, CA

17 thoughts on “Elon Musk

  1. These are exactly the things that i’ve been pondering lately with my friends! Very interesting stuff, especially the simulation theory is one that i love to dig deep into.
    I really enjoy reading these posts,
    all love


  2. Hey andrew it’s nice that you still want to write here. Been a long time fan of your videos (since “creeping on people” i think) and i still enjoy them since no youtubers in my country makes the wide variety of videos that you make. Sorry to hear about the hard times you went through, i’d say keep doing what you do. You built all this by yourself, a incredibly creative world. Just remember that “satisfaction is the death of desire”.

    Hugs and Sorry for my bad english

    Cheers from Italy


  3. I’m also a random guy who realized after typing that that I know nothing about your life outside of what you make public, and I should not have said what I said. Papa bless.


  4. You know what your problem is? You don’t do anything. You have a shopify store, it has two watches on it. Your YouTube channel somewhat failed (although it was at one point extremely successful). You say you want to write, but your writing is like three paragraphs at 5:30 am because you have insomnia. I suffer form the same thing mate – it is called the curse of idleness.
    Was this comment dick head sounding? Yes. Was it intended that way? No. Seeing your caliber of creativity being curse by idleness is crappy to see, and it is something I see in myself – so I am going on a insomnia rant really yelling at myself and pretending to yell at you. Fuck.


  5. idk what to say, but I want to leave a comment. I just started watching your vlog videos late at night because I find them really calming and introspective. but I think the conversation about being ruled by emotions is really interesting, although they are temporary, if you consider the other end of the spectrum where your actions are ruled by logic/facts/evidence you in turn become robotic. I guess that makes sense if we live in a ‘simulation’ but I think the thing that makes us human is through feeling and reacting to them in context. Regardless of living in the present or preparing for the future, your expectations of life will never truly be met. Whether you attain your ‘goals’ or not, you’ll never really be satisfied.


  6. Are you getting all rambunctious writing your blog Andrew 😉 Seriously though, your blogs are a bit like your vlogs in that they’re kind of like therapy. You’re a surprisingly good writer maybe you should write a book if you’re up to it. Idk these blogs are really relaxing to read if you know what I mean. I wish you wrote more…
    Take care


  7. I get the vibe that these ideas are flowing at the same time as they land on the page. I appreciate where you hiccup on a thought, but do not delete it. I like to wonder if these blogs will have an impact on anyone’s life long term or not just like you discussed emotions. I want to delete that last sentence because it feels retarded, but Andrew wouldn’t do that would he?

    I’m not sure if you’re the best role model around, but I and your thousands of fans would trade to be where you are. I like the videos a lot, I might like the blogs more. Keep writing, even if it’s only five minutes a week for us on your blog.

    Thank you for writing,


    1:14 pm


  8. I have trouble living in the moment.. I just started Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” I guess there’s a middle ground in anything – don’t want to be too engulfed in the present.. anyways .. keep making blog posts man your writing is so wholesome


  9. Hey man, just wanted to say I love reading your writing even though it’s not often that you post on here. I’m always pretty happy to see an email notification that you posted 🙂

    – love from down under


  10. I was reading this post in the same way I read the others, through email. As I read the part where you mention how many people read your post I felt the necessity to comment here that there must be a lot of people like me that read them directly from the email updates and aren’t counted by the analytics.

    But I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I enjoy reading them.


  11. I was reading this post in the same way I read the others, through email. As I read the part where you mention how many people read your post I felt the necessity to comment here that there must be a lot of people like me that read them directly from the email updates and aren’t counted by the analytics.

    But I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I enjoy reading them.


  12. That’s your muse in your shoe, not a pebble. She wants to ensure she can use you as a conduit to express herself. Emotions are the same way – they use us like tokens in a board game to represent themselves. We shouldn’t take it personal. I love your muse Andrew, keep on keepin’ on.


  13. lol Yes Andrew!
    I could practically hear you speaking those words in your monotounous dialect as I read.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. For the record, I think elon musk is insane.


  14. “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.” – Mooji…

    I would also like to say that I enjoy reading your blog posts very much…even though I’ve stopped following your youtube channel a long time ago haha. The spontaneity of these posts make them all the more enjoyable too…post them whenever the inspiration hits you man…


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