Dear Heavenly Father,

Are you mad I’m writing this prayer out publicly? Naaa you’re not mad. Do you get mad? I would assume you have your emotions under control at this point in your existence. That reminds me, where did you come from? Or- nevermind. I guess I just wanted to say I’m grateful for this life you gave me, assuming it was you, and that you’re an actual being. I guess I could be talking to nothing or myself but all these years it’s always seemed like you were there when I prayed. I’ve considered the possibility that you might not exist but I think there’s about a 60% chance you or something is going on here. I do know I always feel better after talking to you. Even if it is simply just another form of meditation and I’m just talking to myself, I don’t regret it. Anyway, again, I just wanted to say thank you. Through all the ups and downs so far I think it’s been a pretty good life. Is this starting to bore you? Do you get bored? I mean what is your deal like what do you do all day. What does God do for fun? I imagine you would have a good sense of humor. I look forward to meeting you. Hopefully, I don’t die until I’m 90 or so but you never know. Or do you? I’ve heard you know the future. Like what? I look forward to you explaining that one. Or maybe that’s just a typo in the doctrine of man. Maybe you’re nothing like the doctrine and the scriptures really were just metaphors and stories written by monks and authorities in the old times. I guess we’ll see. Well, we might not actually see, I guess there could just be nothing, but naturally, that doesn’t seem logical. I don’t feel like my soul is ever going to just Not exist. Ya know? You know. Um oh ya, can you bless all my friends and family and everyone else and comfort them and stuff and help them find peace and happiness and meaning? Ok, sweet thank you. Byeee. Just kidding that’s just a popular thing the kids are saying these days -wait- I guess you know everything anyway. Ok. I love you. Amen.

Thanks For Reading,

Andrew Hales


Los Angeles, CA

9 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Hi, just want to say I stumbled on this and couldn’t not read all the posts in one sitting. The most I’ve read in months; gotta start somewhere. Thanks.


  2. Hi, just want to say I stumbled on this and couldn’t not read all the posts in one sitting. The most I’ve read in months; gotta start somewhere. Thanks.


  3. I suppose that, if there is a God, he will be able to see us, but we will never be able to see him. Like bits and bytes in a computer. The more life-like robots and computers become, the more the idea of us living in a simulation seems acceptable. Bits and bytes are merely small parts in our digital infrastructure; just like we may be small parts of God’s “life infrastructure”, if that makes sense. In any case, if there is a God, even if we think we have free will, we are still being controlled on some level. God knows what I’m about to reply here, so I might as well stop wri-


  4. Andrew, can you explain the 60% chance comment.

    From a scientific point of view, if you think there is a 60% chance something exists, then you should assume it doesn’t exist, I.e be an atheist.


  5. We are created in His image. Our souls seek to be with Him. He is real Andrew! It’s all about having a relationship with Jesus. He is the way. He is the joy. He is the strength. I pray for you often. That God’s love would become real to you. That you’d find meaning in Him. Because everything we have will pass away. But your soul needs Him. He is the only true source for life. Love ya my dude. Keep loving people. Keep loving Jesus.


  6. I don’t think God knows our future. I think he just has a plan for all of our future’s. Like you can choose to let him have control and follow his plan or you can do things your way. I think if you choose to do things your own way, he will adjust and do things to try and guide you back to following his plan instead, but in the end it’s all your choice. That’s why you go to hell if you kill yourself I think. It’s like you’re giving up on him and his plan. All he wants you to do is believe in him. Just my opinion


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