All my lights are off. Besides my glowing Macbook, it’s nearly pitch black in my new humble 1 bedroom. The gas isn’t turned on yet so I’m wearing a jacket-hoodie I got from Walmart. I like this jacket because it makes me look blue-collar. Dickies. Badass mechanic trucker boy from the wrong side of the tracks. My nose and hands are still cold though. It’s much quieter in West Hollywood. I’m in a tucked-in neighborhood now, far away from any busy streets. Switching to this place from my swanky-flex-try-hard Hollywood-hotel-doorman place will save me about $50,000 over the next 12 months. Frugality is cool now. It’s hip to be square.

As usual, I’m awake and the world is asleep now at 3:50 am. It’s so quiet that I can hear the ringing in my ears. It reminds me of all the havoc I’ve put them and my body through in my twenties. No regrets. Yolo.

Ok, that’s enough for now.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Hales

3:51 am

West Hollywood, CA

5 thoughts on “Dickies

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Keep it up my friend. Step away from the illusions/delusions and head towards truth.


  2. Very good choice – quiet towns are the best, very tranquil and peaceful. I can relate to the cold, i am studying abroad in Italy right now and it is about 3 degrees C outside.


  3. Good to hear from you Andrew xx. I accidentally typed “food to eat from you” at first bc of autocorrect. That too xx


  4. You finally moved into your new place,
    The best part about being frugal (at least in my limited experience) isn’t even the finance part. It’s the mental load off your shoulder from not tying your identity to the cash in your bank account.
    If you want to take it a step further, have you considered visiting a low income country for a few months? Could be fun and a pretty cheap way to get a new experience.


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